Prescription for a Healthy Smile

Dr. Delgado’s Tips and Tricks for healthy teeth and gums

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy requires diligent, lifelong effort. Some efforts are simple and others are difficult. To help you meet the challenge, Dr Delgado offers the following:


  • Brush and floss after eating
  • Limit soda and sugar intake
  • Have your teeth professionally cleaned
  • Use products sweetened with xylitol


  • Do not ignore pain – it’s much easier to fix problems when they are small


Inform Dr. Delgado if you grind your teeth while sleeping, since this can cause major dental damage such as gum recession, excessive tooth wear or decay, jaw pain or periodontal tissue damage. It can even result in headaches and sleep disturbances. Dr. Delgado can help to ensure that you aren’t unknowingly grinding away vital tooth structure.


Your Beautiful Smile

Our smile is often the first thing people notice and can be their first impression. If you feel your smile does not fully represent the person inside, there are several options available to boost your confidence.

Your Healthy Bite

It may come as a surprise to you but one of the most important considerations in the maintenance of a healthy bite is the assurance that the joint between the jaw and skull performs correctly. A malfunctioning jaw (Mandibular Joint) can contribute and even cause problems such as headaches, tinnitus, broken teeth and muscle pain to name just a few. As with any condition related to dental health, the earlier problems are detected, the greater the possibility of minimizing long term difficulties.

Your Healthy Mouth

Healthy teeth and gums are the essential ingredients of a healthy mouth. Care begins with prevention but when prevention isn’t enough, there are effective treatment methods available to overcome problems

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